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Deer  |  Total images: 31  |  Date added: 12.10.2006
Deer in Wakamow Valley, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
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Drumheller  |  Total images: 50  |  Date added: 24.10.2006
On the way back to Moose Jaw from Calgary, I detoured to Drumheller impulsively. The Royal Tyrrell Museum was closed (it figures) but I still managed to spend several hours there.
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The Moon  |  Total images: 7  |  Date added: 12.10.2006
Some photos taken with a telephoto lens.
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Natasha  |  Total images: 33  |  Date added: 12.10.2006
Photos of Natasha
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Wakamow by night  |  Total images: 22  |  Date added: 12.10.2006
Photos taken by moonlight in Wakamow Valley

October 25 @11:30 AM

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